Thursday, April 30, 2009

Harry Kalas Memorial

When Harry Kalas passed away on April 13th, I wanted to do a video memorial for him. Since Temple gives me the opportunity to rent camera equipment, I decided to head down to Citzens Bank Park a week after Harry's death to get some interviews. Leave some comments if you would like, but above all else enjoy my memorial to the greatest announcer to grace this planet. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I miss you Harry Kalas

Anyone who is a fan of sports has heard his legendary voice. From Campbell’s soup commercials to NFL Films voiceovers you have heard the voice. Yet, on April 13th 2009, the voice fell silent forever. Legendary Phillies announcer Harold Norbert Kalas passed away after collapsing in the broadcast booth. This is one of the saddest days in Philadelphia sports and one that will not pass quickly. From 1971 till now, Harry the K has entered every Phillies fan’s home and everyone…and I mean everyone…has their own impression of Harry. He is the trademark of our city and I think it was put best by Phillies Team President David Montgomery when he said “We lost our voice today.” The way that we have all heard the game from this great city is forever lost and it is going to take a long time to find a replacement. And I know we will not accept some sort of Joe Buck-esque awful announcer.
On a personal level, Harry Kalas is the man I have looked up to for many years. While some kids were counting down the last ten seconds before they made their game winning shot, I was trying to think up catch phrases that rivaled “that ball’s outta here” or “swing and a miss! Struck ‘em out!” But there is nothing that can compare to the way Harry called a game. Anyone can have just a voice but Harry had the personality to back it up.
For all Phillies fans, this Friday there will be many tributes to Harry Kalas at the game including, a television booth in CBP being named the Harry Kalas Broadcast Booth, Harry’s sons Todd, Brad, and Kane will throw out the first pitch, Kane will also sing the national anthem which will be preceded by a moment of silence, all fans will receive an 8x10 color photo of Harry, Harry’s signature will be displayed on the field during the seven-game home stand, and the first half inning of Friday’s telecast on the Comcast Network will have no announcer commentary. Truly, all of these things are deserving but Harry will always be missed. By next weekend I will upload the Harry Kalas tribute which I plan on filming this Monday at CBP. I leave you with Comcast Sportsnet’s Tribute to Harry Kalas. 3/26/36-4/13/09