Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Michael Vick Era

Since the media has stopped giving Michael Vick Michael Jackson style attention how’s about we talk about his football skills. Shall we? Screw all of the dog fighting bologna. It was wrong, he did his time let’s move past it.
The Eagles made a very smart move signing Michael Vick. First of all, they signed him to a one year contract with a second year option. This means if Vick doesn’t play well this year, Vick’s second year option doesn’t get picked up. His salary for this season is just over $1.5 million which sounds more impressive than it is, seeing as Shawn Andrews is making over $5 million this year and could quite possibly not play a snap.
And what if Vick does well? Then the Eagles will have leverage in the trade market in the offseason. The Eagles could then trade Vick somewhere like San Francisco, which is having quarterback troubles this year. In return the Eagles could get their first round pick and possibly more. Maybe Vernon Davis or someone from their defensive line wouldn’t be too shabby on top of the first round pick. And who expects the 49ers to do much this year as it is. There pick would definitely be in the top 10.
And if worse comes to worse, the Eagles allow the second year option and give him just over $5 million. Don’t get me wrong, five million dollars is a lot of money, but when it comes to football it’s just not too outlandish. The Eagles are a smart organization too. They do not just sign big name guys to get fans in the seats. They sign and release players when they know they need to. They cut Jeremiah Trotter and when he played for the Redskins he did not produce. So the Eagles signed him for significantly less than what he would have been paid had he stayed in Philadelphia. The Eagles could have just as easily not signed Michael Vick this season and thrown Vick’s money towards Brian Dawkins. However, the team must see something more in Quintin Mikell for the money he is making.
Now who is to say Michael Vick will fail? I know he hasn’t played football in two years but the man is only 29 and he ran for over a thousand yards in his last season. The best thing for him is the suspension Roger Goodell has placed on him. If Vick is on the bench until week six, then he will be back just in time to help a tired and weary Eagles team since their bye week is so early this season. Vick could be a part of the team for a 12 game season and help the Eagles push past their arch nemesis… the dreaded NFC Championship game.
And how are the Eagles going to use Vick? Personally, I think the idea of having Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick on the field at the same time is frightening. There is so much Andy Reid can do with this offense…it’s just plain scary. Think of a backfield with McNabb under center, Vick at tailback and Westbrook and Jackson as receivers. McNabb can drop back and use Vick as a safety valve “if” Westbrook or Jackson can’t get open, pitch to Vick and give him a run/pass option, or simply use Vick as a decoy and run a play action pass to him to free up Jackson down-field. Seriously, the possibilities are endless with Vick in the offense. Think about how well Miami did with the wildcat…and they had little to no talent. Ronnie Brown was good but Chad Rag Arm Pennington was their quarterback for Christ’s sake. So multiply the Dolphins success rate by number 5 and you’ll get the best team in the NFC…the Philadelphia Eagles.


  1. AND Shaun, you missed an obvious one. Now look who we have sitting on the bench as back up when Donovan gets injured. Which will happen. It always does. OR when he chokes, which will happen, it always does.

  2. I am a firm believer that Donovan McNabb is one of the best quarterbacks in the league right behind Manning/Brady. His injuries are a problem but he puts up winning numbers. As long as he's healthy, I think the Eagles can go to the Super Bowl.

  3. I actually understood this football jargon. well done my boy- brandon