Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 2 Hot and Not

It’s time for what’s hot and what’s not from week two in football and if I had to describe it in one word…surprising. First of all the Titans are 0-2, Tom Brady didn’t throw for a single touchdown and the 49ers are 2-0. Wow. I don’t know what’s happened in the past week but the football gods are looking to make this season interesting. Now to the list.
The New Orleans Saints are what’s hot in the NFL right now. Drew Brees has thrown for 669 yards, nine touchdowns and only two interceptions. His quarterback rating is a measly 132.9 and the Saints are2-0. Not to mention they are averaging 46.5 points per game right now. Oh and the Saints play the Bills this week so look for the Saints to keep producing. Currently, the Saints defense is mediocre at best but it doesn’t matter when they score 40 points or more. Kudos to you New Orleans, you are hot right now. Watch out for the hubris though because with the winter you may get cold as well.
Matt Schaub had an amazing game this week. He went 25 of 39 for 357 yards and four touchdowns. The Texans running game was stagnant running for a total of 63 yards on 29 carries but Schaub really helped keep the team competitive in the game. It’s just funny because Schaub will probably throw three picks and no touchdowns next week. He’s too hot and cold for me, but good job this week boss.
Chris Johnson…wow, if it weren’t for the guy in the next paragraph you would definitely be the player of the week. Johnson had three touchdowns (two rushing and one receiving) for 284 total yards from scrimmage. His 91 yard scamper was disgusting. He made two moves that were ankle breaking and was off to the races after. His 87 receiving yards on nine catches lead the team but that number is skewed because of his 69 yard touchdown catch. On the play, he was completely uncovered which is just typical Texans but I digress. Johnson had a great day even in a loss. The only thing he could have done more was to cover Andre Johnson because no one on the Titans seemed to care about him.

Usain Bolt would have been impressed by the running prowess of Frank Gore this weekend. On 16 carries, Gore had 207 yards for two touchdowns (12.9 ypc). His two touchdowns were from 79 and 80 yards out. Gore tore through the Seahawks defense like it was Madden. He was the most dominant player on the field this weekend and could not be touched. The Seahawks had eight and nine men in the box on the two long touchdown runs and the Niners offensive line just followed their assignments to let Gore do what he does best…embarrass defenses. Even though Chris Johnson had a solid game, the Titans still lost. That’s why I have to give Gore bragging rights for this week as best offensive player in the NFL.
Now it’s on to the more fun part of writing about NFL players, the scrubs. There were several players this week that were just plain garbage and I was shocked. First of all, let’s talk about Terrible Tom Brady.
Tom Brady went 23 of 47 on Sunday for 216 yards and no touchdowns. For the talent that Brady has on offense this is just humiliating. I know Rex Ryan is crazy good at being a defensive coach, but the Patriots have more talent than the three field goals they scored. Brady may have a lot on his mind (see but he’s always performed under pressure. Terrific Tom was Terribly Troubled on Sunday. Don’t expect him to stay in this funk though. It was one week, and the Patriots play the Falcons who have allowed nearly 230 yards passing in two games this season. Tom I’m not professional but I’m pretty sure you should hit Moss more, and tell Wes Welker to get healthy. NEXT!
Going from great to ghastly in the matter of a week is Tony Romo. Against Tampa Bay in week one Romo was incredible throwing for 353 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions. Week two was not as kind when Romo threw for fewer yards than Frank Gore had on two runs (127 yards) and had one touchdown to three interceptions. I’m surprised the Cowboys were still in the game after his performance. Not only was Romo’s completion percentage below 50 percent, but his longest completion was 26 yards. Marion Barber had a longer rush from scrimmage than the longest reception by Romo (Barber also caught the 26 yard reception for those keeping score). Seriously though, if it weren’t for the running game by the Cowboys they would be in bad shape. Barber and Felix Jones had 220 yards between them for two touchdowns. Barber nearly had more yards rushing than Romo had passing. Either way, Romo is going to be under the spot light all season until he gets the chance to possibly (if they make it) win a playoff game. But all I have to say to that is….
Last and the very least of the NFL, the Cleveland Browns. The Browns outgained by 249 yards by the Broncos and only had 11 first downs. Brady Quinn had no touchdowns and one interception, Jamal Lewis (it’s pretty embarrassing he’s their number one) had 38 yards on 14 carries, and the defense had no sacks and only hit the quarterback three times. I can’t wait for Braylon Edwards’ contract to run out so he can actually play professional football. The talent they have at wide receiver is going to complete waste and the only chance the Browns have of scoring is when Edwards or Josh Cribbs has his hands on the ball.
Well I can’t wait for this weekend in football. I mean I’m still going to miss most of Sunday’s games because CVS Pharmacy ruins my life. But games I’m excited for this week include Michael Vick’s return in Philadelphia against the Chiefs, Drew Brees vs. the Bills, and the Titans against Rex Ryan’s defense in the Meadowlands. It should be pretty good. Until next time…
Photo Credits: Drew Brees (AP Photo/Michael Perez),Chris Johnson (AP Photo/Wade Payne), Frank Gore (AP Photo/Marcio Sanchez), Tom Brady (AP Photo/Kathy Willens), Brady Quinn (AP Photo/ David Zalubowski)

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