Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So you have the first pick in your fantasy football draft this year? What are you going to do with it champ? The obvious pick of Adrian Peterson comes to mind but it’s easy to pick AP when you’re the first pick. Let’s divulge into the middle of the order when the fantasy magazines you’ve been reading have failed you.
Running backs are huge in fantasy football because you generally have two of them on your team and, at the end of the season; they usually combine for the most points on the team (barring the Tom Brady/Randy Moss connection circa 2007). So having the first pick in the draft may not be the greatest pick of all seeing as your second pick will happen about 20-24 picks later. So enjoy your Adrian Peterson/Ricky Williams backfield while I pick a more superb one-two punch that will dominate you.

So say you are right in the middle of the pack. By this time Peterson, Jones-Drew, and Michael Turner are probably gone. Fear not, for there are much greater respected backs to come. Take DeAngelo Williams for instance. Last season he had over 1,500 rushing yards and 18 rushing touchdowns. Not to mention that he could be a threat out of the backfield Westbrook style. He only had 22 receptions for two touchdowns last year, but only because the threat of Steve Smith down the sideline. Smith’s ability to make big plays downfield is a positive for Williams seeing as it will open up the running game. Look for DeAngelo Williams to have an MVP caliber season for the Panthers.
Sophomore slumps happen to the best of them, but not when it comes to Steve Slaton. The pride of the Mountaineers is going to come out even better in 2009. Now I know the Houston Texans are a laughing stock in the AFC but they really do have talent. They are just in a really tough division with Tennessee, Indianapolis and Jacksonville. But the combination of Andre Johnson should be enough to help them win 10 games. If Matt Schaub is healthy during the regular season then Steve Slaton will have another fantastic year. Look for him to grab 1,500 plus yards on the ground and at least 10 rushing touchdowns.

Now when it’s time for your second round pick and it seems as if everyone is gone, don’t fret, there are still quality backs that don’t have the last name Tomlinson (who is on the decline but that’s a whole other issue). LenDale White has dropped massive weight since last season and looks to be quicker than he was in college. Even if Chris Johnson gets most of the carries White will steal a couple of touchdowns when they’re inside the 10. And don’t skip on Brandon Jacobs if you have the opportunity to pick him up in the second round. The man runs through anyone who stands in his way and the Giants have lost the idea of having a three headed monster backfield so Jacobs should get plenty of carries. Plus, Jacobs has the potential to take a broken play to the house by himself.
Good luck in each of your fantasy drafts…May the force be with you.


  1. All I have to say to rebut your argument is that I had #1 in a 10-person league and ended up with AP, Brees, and Steve Slaton. How 'bout them apples?

  2. Were you in a draft with grandmothers and Englishmen? Because that's the only way I can see you having RB's of that caliber plus Brees. And what were your WR's like? TJ Whosyourmama?